Creating a Meaningful Blog: Finding Your Domain Name

Creating a Meaningful Blog: Finding Your Domain Name

You want to create a blog, but you aren’t sure where to start. How do you even make a blog?

I’ll be guiding you through creating a meaningful blog. A meaningful blog is one that people enjoy reading. It earns a loyal group of readers and adds meaning to their lives. This is much different from just making a blog.

We’re talking about creating something of value – something that improves the lives and experiences of others.

So, have you had enough time brainstorming? That’s the first step to creating anything of value. Don’t skip or negate it.

Once you’ve done enough brainstorming – you’re ready for the next step.

Wait, Techno Yogi, What is a Domain Name?

Let’s clarify which aspect of your future meaningful blog we’re talking about.

Your domain name is the URL of your blog. is my domain name. However, it’s important to note that a domain name is just a name – it does not include a website, hosting or blog.

Think of your future blog as a house, your domain name is the address on file at the post office. The hosting account will be your plot of land. Your blogging platform is your house, furniture and decor.

So, for right now, we’re just talking about finding the most awesome address for your future amazing house.

What Makes a Valuable Domain Name

Understanding the criteria of a valued domain will help you find a new, unregistered domain name that is perfect for your meaningful blog.


Butch Cassidy and his crew knew value.

An ideal, valuable domain name is:

  • Short (5-8 characters is perfect)
  • Memorable
  • .com (.org and .net in some cases)
  • Descriptive of your business
  • DOES NOT contain numbers of hyphens, unless part of your brand.

It’s become increasingly difficult to hit all of these marks. People specifically find domain names like this, register them and then immediately try to sell them. It’s big business. However, you can still find an amazing name for yourself.

Note about keywords: Many internet marketers swear by having a keyword in the domain name. While it would be nice, it’s certainly not required for a meaningful blog. It was once a quick way to earn a high search engine ranking, however, Google has continually devalued this as a ranking factor. At this point, a keyword in the domain name is fine for a ‘churn n burn’ blog, but not the meaningful blogs we’re after.

So, What Should Your Domain Name Be?

If you already have a company name, that’s the obvious choice for your domain name. You may have to alter your name to fit an available domain name.

If you don’t have a company name, then you need to do more brainstorming. Here’s some questions to help catalyze the process:

  • What are the domain names of my competitors?
  • Does my potential domain stand out or is it generic?
  • What single word describes my business?

Now, you’re not alone in the quest for the perfect domain name. Here’s two tools I highly recommend:

  • NameBoy – An amazing resource and I’ve found some great domains with it. You type in your primary word (with an optional secondary word) and it spits out a few pages of ideas. I found with this tool!
  • WORDOID – Similar to NameBoy, yet different. Choose a primary word, select whichever options you like and then be presented with a list of domain names. This is how I found (I haven’t done anything with that yet, but it’s an amazing domain).

Where to Register Your Domain Name

You want to register with a company that has a great price and has a proven reputation for protecting your domain. I mistakenly registered TechnoYogi with another company and they tripled the cost when it came time to renew.

I trust and suggest you use to register your domain name. I will receive a small commission should you use their services. I appreciate it, my dear reader.

After you’ve registered your domain name, you’ll need to find a hosting provider. Take it slow with this, we’ll talk about how to evaluate and select a hosting provider in the next installment of this series.

Rushing ahead means you might choose the wrong hosting provider. Don’t rush things and choose a terrible plot of land for your future home (meaningful blog).

Photo Credit: featured image, butch and gang

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